May 20, 2011

just a kiss.

it just a kiss.i mean like seriously you're the one who asked for it.eventho we both knew yg masing2 are not single kan.u wanna how much i care about u, so u ask me a kiss.then i gave you one.and not to mentioned, u already meet "mine" rite?aku dah bawak kau jumpa "si dia" and u know how much i love that person kan.i thought i clear everything already.aku dah at my best try to fix the thing.i mean kau dah macam bestfriend and satu2 nya person aku boleh bergantung.paham?kau honest and sangat supportive.paham?aku dah macam bagitau kau pasal ni b4 this kan.but as the time go on, how much i plan how much aku cuba to fix our friendship, i noticed one thing.i alredi lost u.

awkward.yeah its true.tapi come on mannnn, aku pun rasa awkward tapi aku dah explain semua.boundaries.paham?im not single.paham?aku setia.paham?despite all the rela-kene-hugs 24/7, i also gave u a kiss.ape lagi?aku care pasal it?tapi aku tak paham.tak paham dengan kau punya wanna end it this way.suka hati kau.i once fight for you, dear friend and as far as im concerned,you alredi gave up b4 you give a damn fight.

never kiss a friend.
even just for fun.
dan itu aku.


Melle Abadi said...

never kiss a friend, i'll take that

RAWNA said...

will remember that

apan lee said...


yup.ever.the aftermath is a disaster.

apan lee said...


heyy k.A!!
anda sihat?lama xdengaq khabaq?lol.


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