May 25, 2011

... (anu lah!)

after 6 painful month of teaching and tutoring those juniors yang lazy-cow-ass nak datang kelas, at last it does make sense. i get a residence in my college yaww! syukur. but still, duit elaun aku mana weyhh?? desperate kot! one more thing is, result gonna be announced so soon, so good luck people!

anyway, yesterday i was somewhere in changlun, kolej matrikulasi kedah to be exact doing all the driver's staff, driving here and there for the sake of my sister, kejap kaunter registration, kejap hall-dengar-taklimat, kejap booth ini, booth itu, kejap pekan beli toiletries, and the next drive to hostel. typical 1st day in college,buttt along the so-called-registration day, there is something really caught my eye.  O_O

 upin & ipin ballon

 gambar tumblesaran

gambar tumblesaran

gambar cilok dari google

OUCH! i bet it hurts!!  ;p

the weird thing is, this stuff macam tak jadi pulak kat other characters macam Dora The Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants dimana tali balloon diikat pada tangan or kaki. maybe bcoz dora is a girl n spongebob is not even a human being! so biologically both supposedly tak ade lah dotdotdot. make sense aite? but still pity upin & ipin. lol.

lucah syialll.
neway, stop child abuse!
dan itu aku.

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