May 8, 2011

hepi so called "Mother's Day"

no more surprise ma. i had enough alredi. the fact that you're dating someone else behind my back doesn't mean i know zero about it. honestly u deserve to be happy. n i have no desire to stop u but seriously ma, why dont you settle it properly. all these 7 days home sweet home, you've done a great job giving me all those painful heart attack. 1st day, u told me that u alredi married and when was it??who was it?? 2nd day, you'll be going to honeymoon next week with someone i know nothing about. his name?background? 3rd day, whatt the hell you're letting STRANGER in our home and why you need me to call that stranger 'abah'?? what the fuck was that. yes you've done a great job raising me up and siblings but now all your doings are ridiculous and unacceptable. tell us and discuss about it first. give us time to be prepared for it. i care no more ma. just do whatever you wanna do and dont explain anything about it coz I DONT FUCKING CARE. n hell noooo im gonna call him 'abah'. hakktuih!

selamat hari ibu.
owh yaa selamat pengantin baru jugak.
semoga kekal ke anak cucu.
dan itu aku.


Anonymous said...

ko sabar la weh :)

ashraf said...

oh? kau pon??? mmm...

izni nor ali said...

ko sabar je weh. papehal nak share. citer laaa. :)

apan lee said...

told la hejauw:


apan lee said...


kau pun asna?hmm

apan lee said...


hahaha.lupa pulak ko bace belog aku.adeh.bereh2. ;D


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