Apr 17, 2010

ini pun apa yg aku rasa..

emm..waiting for a friend to pick me up.n just follow je mane die nak pergi.can't think straight.feeling insecure.heart in so much pain.2 test td.due2 kantoii.aku jwb dgn penuh xbermaya td.aku tatau nk buat ape.im losing myself.n im afraid coz final is coming so soon.nak kene studi tinggi2 nk byr hutang.cant think straight..tatau nk pegi mane..duit pun dah nak abis daa..just hoping someone to come by and say hi~n cheer up this little dying heart..

my life is a complete mess..

p/s:fella..if u cant reach me..dun wori..nothing has happen..
it just me..dun wanna be contacted..

im losing myself..
and i dun noe wat to do..
dan itu aku


Anonymous said...

arque, are u okayyyy? whats wrong? :(

AimiBakar said...

dalam hidup ade up and down
maybe today isnt ur day but tomorrow are waiting for u with new hopes
chill la weii
haha :)

apan lee said...

noorihan noorudin:

hehe.im trying to be ok.dun wory k. ;P

apan lee said...


hidup seperti roda.
kdg2 kt atas.kfg2 kt bawah.
hope so..
hoping for a bright sun shine.. ;P

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

o yeahhh..kekekee

apan lee said...


hehe ;P

Baini B. said...

i lost your phone number lahh.
ahaa. cheer up k.
tak suke tgk u macam ni. :)

stdy jgn malas-malas.
ketok ngan hammer nanty!


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