Aug 12, 2013


bila macam benda dah lama happened tapi kau baru nak update, I just don't care and give shits about it so shadap people lulz. being one of the presenter have taught me a lot in many ways I could possibly tell. macam there are certain criterias that you need to have. its either you're born with it or you polish it. apa apa pun skills macam be able to present whatever you need to macam agak useful in future la especially in the industry. so I planned and did well. I guess.

besides been able to conduct projects for locals is something mulia la since you're giving back to the community. tapi bila macam kau tak menang and the opportunity to go to cancun mexico hilang sekelip mata you start to ask yourself "should I give more to the community?" or "should I stop giving?" luls. dapat first runner up pun jadi la ini la orang melayu tak reti bersyukur luls.

"the future is not written in stone"

on another case yg tak berkaitan, who knows what's the future holds for us? in the meantime grab yourself and make your stand. dream big as you can. but along the journey please please cari and gather all the support system you can find. sebab bila macam once you failed or collapsed you wont go that deep. I am here. so does everyone else. =)

 and benda paling precious yg aku dpt yg mana kau tak boleh beli kat mana mana.

well I took your challenge 
and make it mine
dan itu aku

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