Jul 29, 2009

how strong r u??

just another not so good day just pass away..mane tak nye..the whole day i was figting with da little devil..(my sis lol)..rase nk blasah je die..eeiii! geramnye..so childish rite..daa besar gajah daa pom nk gado2 lagi..mind ur own business plis..ahhaha..the main point of the fight is to get owned of the remote control..tv shows lol..dulu ade 2 kot tv..satu kasi nenek..huhu..xpe2..pasni kite tgk tv kt umah nenek plak jom! hehe..

arini bermula dgn tenang skali. until 2 pm..wouh~die daa balik skolah sudah..hah! kat ctulah mulenye the cat n dog fight neyh~aa..ak cop kucing!die laa anjing~ak cop dulu! ahhaha..
pergadohan tu hanye gado mulot semate2..walopom segeram mane ak nk punch her face, kick her stomach, pull her hair..famili rule! dont u ever dare to lay ur finger on the younger..tu pom klu tanak tgk singa betina mengamok laa..that one refer to my mom lor..hik3..

definitely she's win..pergh!! tensen2 dow..naseb bek ak pose arini..ececeh..daa abes maki2, sumpah seranah, kutuk2 sume br nak stop..daa kurus daa pahale pose ko tu weyh!moving to the lappy..my bestfren eva..i surf the internet n went to the sis zabrina's blog which is www.wisdomthruwords.blogspot.com..scroll2..jeling sane..jeling sini..

suddenly i was captured by a post titled pounce or pause?

just to kill some time, i went through the stories..bla3..n then i was stiffed..
ding! no need to ding me kang-ja..enuf with the couple or trouble..hehe..i do luv the stories..
hmm..korean~wat can i say! =P
i was stiffed when i came to this Prophet’s (may peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) words,

‘The strong man is not the one who can wrestle (fight); the strong man is the one who controls himself at the time of anger’ (Saheeh Bukhari)

ouch~it really hits me on my nose..the post was also about how the Prophet (may peace be upon him) talk calmly instead of getting mad to a person who just urinated in the mosque!urinated people!urinated!! do check dis out..it makes me think..

do i need to sit-up everyday to get the 6 packs in order to be strong..
do i need to win the best actor award in a play in order to be strong..=P
do i need to intern at the klcc in order to be strong..
do i need to take all action to avoid H1N1 in order to be strong..(absolutely yes!cuak kot H1N1..)
do i need to stay up all nite with B1N1 in order to be strong..
do i need to stay up with 4 B1N1 in one nite just to show dat im strong..=P

just think..hik3..

p/s:2 thumbs tok laura coz jwb ngan btol..
soklan:ape hikmah berpuase..
A:tok tahan dr minum..(negative)
B:tok tahan dr mkn n minum..(negative)
Laura:tok tahan dr hawa nafsu..(positive)..yeaa~
(nti ak banje ko mkn ehh..huhu..)

currently reading-life is an open secret "you, me and we"
currently listening to-"you say aku"

si blogger yg noob ---> dats me (^_^)


aznin said...

da lain da care ko tulis blog..

apan lee said...

len sgt ke nenen..

aznin said...

ni yg aku tanak bace nihh..
tiber rase terbakar..
tipooo jerr..

apan lee said...

mane de terbakar laa..
klu ko rentung camne skalik pom..
ko still kene bace blog ak wokeh!


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