Oct 25, 2012

life is a gamble.no big deal.

it is nice to meet great person in your life.
eventhough your did not know them in your 1st semester,
or when you start to a make a joke on them on your 2nd semester,
or when you start to give them a crappy look on your 3rd semester,
when you think you are way better than them.

 then they came without knocking.
and they just keep coming until you start to have a second thought.
making you wonder that they might be not that bad at all .
by that time, you realize everything about to end soon.
and all that matter is time.

the dice I'm about to throw
might bring me somewhere I dont expect to be
but who the hell I am to care.
while the pieces is still there,
I might be better make the best out of it.
and I have no idea where to begin.
flow with the wind?
I guess.

life is a gamble,
and how much you're willing to bet?
dan itu aku

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Anonymous said...

back y-

hek3.....read all post oredy....


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