Aug 18, 2011

take it easy..

whenever it comes the night i felt so damn lonely.aish.something is missing.the piece that i try so hard to ignore it just to protect my own feeling.damn.i admit it.since the 1st day we met, i gave everything to you.and yes it was my fault for not keeping some of it for myself.where did i go wrong?am i not good enough for you?i kept wondering for the answer.the answer that i already knew but at my best try to deny it.i came down to earth to find a soul.a soul that will company me till the end of my journey.since i do not prefer to walk alone.someone who can actually guide n support me.someone who can show me the right things to do n inspire me.someone who always there when im needing of you.

i do believe in fairy tale.all the happy ending stuff always make me feel secure.but it looks like the serious relationship im looking forward after couple of years is not there yet.and it seems never gonna be im suppose to take it easy since you're the only one im looking for.those wet glittery eyes that once look at me n told me how much it've been missing me is the one im waiting for. if it happen to be you're not the one im looking for.i hope we can end it without ruining all the sweet memories. i need them to continue living. n i hope as im walking down the streets i will meet someone exactly like you and this time i definitely will find the heart im looking for.the one that sees only me and patiently wait for me.always there for more more lies and no more hidden story.

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge?
coz I just wanna be happy..

u can play on me
but u cannot crush my heart
dan itu aku.


Baini B. said...

: i do believe in fairy tale too. =) be happy MR. H ;p

Joey said...

i wish i could believe in fairy tales. But somehow I was snapped back into Reality, as I watch for the first time Paris Hilton is milking a cow, aeons ago. LoL


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