Jul 25, 2012

ohsem people

awesome people is awesome.  =')

 see.this is one of the reason why i am not regretting on the path im taking.
the great people i met.the moment that created.everything seems to be..

 awesome people is awesome.
enuff said.
dan itu aku.

Jul 21, 2012


so as I hangout at Kiara last friday, I ended up buying this..


 LMAO.and it cost me like 200 bucks and something.the question is ..
how the hell im gonna wear it to classes on Monday??  


im doomed i think..
dan itu aku

Jul 13, 2012


lol at these two friends of mine.peng n kelly.just act normal if you guys do wanna hide whatever relationship u both have.instead of trying to cover, but end up creating an awkward scene yg sangat xboleh blah.kitorang lepak je.so chill!  xD

                on the other case,
                hepi birthday mate
                get well soon
                dan itu aku.

Jul 11, 2012


when time crawl so slowly..
when everything seems not to be on the right place..
when i try to avoid problematic scene that i once created..
i'll end up here.
and literally i laughed to myself.

"sup bloggie?"  xD
a story to be told
                yet i cant find the word
                dan itu aku



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