Feb 21, 2010


5.55 am

cant sleep.cant stop thinking.im lying on the floor.half dead.half alive.yup its cold.but i cant move.even an inch.i want to stand up but i cant.all i can feel is fucking cold.what's wrong with me.i dont know.i got a call and all i can do is lying.not to move.coz im afraid of making any mistake if i move.

reviewing of ma day.im crying a lot like a baby.staring at the ceiling.fans are running and trying to catch each other.macam bodo.macam org mati bini.sumpah damn lonely.miss her so much.with my friends are not around.perghh.

just want you to know, i love you damn much and i never cant let you go.thank you for giving me chance.i appreciate it.i want to know more about you because i care about you.yeah i know.enough knowing.

as for myself, its going to be hard after this.i am not allowed to say and ask things anymore.

got 2 lab reports to submit.2 test and a quiz.yeay!

6.38 am.battery fon half full.sleepy.tired.emm.but still im going to find you.whatever it takes.

my life is a complete mess.

im your apan lee.
...dan itu aku.

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