May 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

p/s: On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description.

robot kuning.
dan itu aku.

May 25, 2011

... (anu lah!)

after 6 painful month of teaching and tutoring those juniors yang lazy-cow-ass nak datang kelas, at last it does make sense. i get a residence in my college yaww! syukur. but still, duit elaun aku mana weyhh?? desperate kot! one more thing is, result gonna be announced so soon, so good luck people!

anyway, yesterday i was somewhere in changlun, kolej matrikulasi kedah to be exact doing all the driver's staff, driving here and there for the sake of my sister, kejap kaunter registration, kejap hall-dengar-taklimat, kejap booth ini, booth itu, kejap pekan beli toiletries, and the next drive to hostel. typical 1st day in college,buttt along the so-called-registration day, there is something really caught my eye.  O_O

 upin & ipin ballon

 gambar tumblesaran

gambar tumblesaran

gambar cilok dari google

OUCH! i bet it hurts!!  ;p

the weird thing is, this stuff macam tak jadi pulak kat other characters macam Dora The Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants dimana tali balloon diikat pada tangan or kaki. maybe bcoz dora is a girl n spongebob is not even a human being! so biologically both supposedly tak ade lah dotdotdot. make sense aite? but still pity upin & ipin. lol.

lucah syialll.
neway, stop child abuse!
dan itu aku.

May 22, 2011

my bad

now aku macam dah nak seriously lah.nak tercirit dgn current situation.lebih specific, current financial macam ni.last semester, i got scholarship.and fortunately, the money they bank-ed in is act untuk 3 sem. 3 sem ke youuu??banyaknyewww. ciss. fortunate laa sangat!sooo as a normal human being..




lepak sana sini

travel xhengat.

so what's left NORMAL human being??none!hahaha.owh owh not to mentioned PD yg macam must-overnite-place every weekend kann.aishh.ape yg ade kt PD tu pun haram jadah aku tak paham.besides frisbee-ing, err tgk sunrise (never act seen one pun) err foreingner err cucit mata ehhe ehhe ehhe.dang!lol.

im telling you no joke guys.sikalang ini, i am wayyyyy to DESPERATE for moneeeeeey.peeps, pliss give some money.i beg yawwwss(puppy eyes).adeh aku macam sgt xpandai plan kewangan.and and anddd i am so nervous to talk about it.e-e-even to think about it.paiseh paiseh.lagi lagi sem baru dah nak mula and i need the money untuk byr yuran.damn.mana nak korek ni?sape ada kapal korek sila buat tangan mcm saya! okay nevermind. gila lamee!

WTF are you looking?? i'm nose-picking heree!

saya bijak berbelanja!
*mata di dada, tangan ke atas*
dan itu aku.

May 20, 2011

just a kiss.

it just a kiss.i mean like seriously you're the one who asked for it.eventho we both knew yg masing2 are not single kan.u wanna how much i care about u, so u ask me a kiss.then i gave you one.and not to mentioned, u already meet "mine" rite?aku dah bawak kau jumpa "si dia" and u know how much i love that person kan.i thought i clear everything already.aku dah at my best try to fix the thing.i mean kau dah macam bestfriend and satu2 nya person aku boleh bergantung.paham?kau honest and sangat supportive.paham?aku dah macam bagitau kau pasal ni b4 this kan.but as the time go on, how much i plan how much aku cuba to fix our friendship, i noticed one thing.i alredi lost u.

awkward.yeah its true.tapi come on mannnn, aku pun rasa awkward tapi aku dah explain semua.boundaries.paham?im not single.paham?aku setia.paham?despite all the rela-kene-hugs 24/7, i also gave u a kiss.ape lagi?aku care pasal it?tapi aku tak paham.tak paham dengan kau punya wanna end it this way.suka hati kau.i once fight for you, dear friend and as far as im concerned,you alredi gave up b4 you give a damn fight.

never kiss a friend.
even just for fun.
dan itu aku.

May 9, 2011


seriously, ur mom is not even in twitter or fb, stop posting ur pretentious wishes on the web
(DamienAznin, 2011).

soooo true~
dan itu aku.

goodnite wish

"nyto" means that u r now at your room, ready to sleep, nothing bad happened. it is also a signs that i can now stop thinking yg bukan2, stop worrying, take a deep breath and go to sleep as well. it is not a duty. never was and never will be. ;p

dan itu aku.

May 8, 2011

hepi so called "Mother's Day"

no more surprise ma. i had enough alredi. the fact that you're dating someone else behind my back doesn't mean i know zero about it. honestly u deserve to be happy. n i have no desire to stop u but seriously ma, why dont you settle it properly. all these 7 days home sweet home, you've done a great job giving me all those painful heart attack. 1st day, u told me that u alredi married and when was it??who was it?? 2nd day, you'll be going to honeymoon next week with someone i know nothing about. his name?background? 3rd day, whatt the hell you're letting STRANGER in our home and why you need me to call that stranger 'abah'?? what the fuck was that. yes you've done a great job raising me up and siblings but now all your doings are ridiculous and unacceptable. tell us and discuss about it first. give us time to be prepared for it. i care no more ma. just do whatever you wanna do and dont explain anything about it coz I DONT FUCKING CARE. n hell noooo im gonna call him 'abah'. hakktuih!

selamat hari ibu.
owh yaa selamat pengantin baru jugak.
semoga kekal ke anak cucu.
dan itu aku.

May 6, 2011

lets bury it

now that you are gone.i miss u much.i miss ur 'lari2 anak' welcoming me home.bajet comel.i miss to sepak2 whenever you are acting so lovey dovey.sekarang kau takde aku nak sepak sape??pfft!dan kepada pasu yg berkenaan, aku dendam kau sampai mati.

selamat tinggal.
dan itu aku.

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