Jan 24, 2011

I google "remora".and all I can get from wiki ans is these:

Remoras attach themselves to the shark and eat the leftover food remains that they can find.

This would fall into the commensalism symbiotic relationship, because the remora is getting its food, and the shark gets no benefit.

There are other studies that suggest that the remoras clean parasites from the shark's teeth and perhaps skin. If this is true then it is a mutualism relationship.

Remoras eat the parasites off the underside of the shark to keep it healthy and alive. Plus the Remoras get a free meal and protection. A mutualistic symbiotic relationship.

the pilot fish clean the shark's teeth and skin, and the shark protects them

The remora fish attach to the shark's belly and eat the malignant parasites off it.

wikipedia answer is fucking liar!
dan itu aku.


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